World Wide Dictation Service provides a full end-to-end solution for all of your transcription needs. After specializing in Medical Transcription for over 45 years, World Wide Dictation is one of the largest full service transcription businesses in the United States today.

Dictation Options

  • Telephone Dictation

    Each user receives a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access our call-in dictation system. Simply call in and follow the prompt for your PIN. The telephone keypad controls gives you the same functionality as a tape recorder or a hospital dictation system (i.e. rewind, fast forward, pause). The audio is captured by our state of the art Digital Dictation System, which has built in 256 bit encryption....

  • Audio Tape

    For Audio tape transcription, send us a duplicate copy of the tape via regular or overnight mail and we will digitize your audio for transcription....

  • Digital Handheld Recorder

    A digital hand held recorder is a convenient portable dictation device that stores voice recordings digitally. After dictating into the device, you can upload the digital audio file to our system using our secure website or you may speak with our computer technicians about our free automated software....

Document Delivery Options

  • Web based delivery

    All documents are posted to our secure website for download. Additionally, our office keeps an archived copy of your files indefinitely.

  • Print and mail

    As an alternative solution for your dictation needs, we also provide you with the option of allowing us to print your documents on your stationary and to mail these