Quality assurance is an important and vital component of any business. Maintaining a high level of quality not only ensures success, it protects the credibility and future of a business. In evaluating medical transcription companies, there are distinct principles of quality. Worldwide Dictation is a medical transcription company that not only embraces these benchmarks of quality, but exceeds them.

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Delineation is a principle in medical transcription that outlines error rates. Because the need for accuracy practically defines the industry, delineation is one guideline that cannot be ignored. Delineation is broken down into subcategories that include minor, major, and critical errors. A minor error might not pose a risk to anyone, but it is a sign that the medical transcriptionist needs some improvement. A major error is one that does not compromise care, but it compromises the integrity of the document. Critical error is one that could compromise care. An example would be an omitted dictation that may identify an existing condition, allergy, reaction to treatment, or any number of other observations.

Worldwide Dictation is a leader in the field of medical transcription services. By vigorously applying the principles that are most important to this field, we have been able to achieve one of the lowest error rates in the industry. We work to deliver error-free documents to you, and offer dictation services that are available around the clock. We can help a wide range of clinics, doctors’ offices, and even insurance companies, by transcribing their recorded statements for claims offices.

If quality is a vital part of your business, trust a company that exceeds expectations and minimum requirements–trust Worldwide Dictation. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].