In the world of dictation services, the cost of service reflects the level of quality of that service. Many of the new (and usually outsourced) dictation and transcription services advertise their cheap prices as their main selling point. However, if their documents are full of errors and inaccuracies, it simply doesn’t matter how cheap the price was. Choosing the least expensive transcription service might end up becoming a costly mistake. A better and more effective solution is to work with a company that offers competitive pricing and a proven reputation for quality and accuracy.

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In your profession, it is essential that the transcription of your notes and documents be accurate and verbatim. At Worldwide Dictation, we pride ourselves on the trust we have earned from some of the leading medical and legal experts. We have served the transcription needs of doctors at Columbia Presbyterian, NYU, Yale, Cornell, Beth Israel Medical Center, Rutgers University, Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, and St. Luke’s. Patients, as well as other industry professionals, hold those doctors in high esteem for their work ethic, as well as their vast knowledge. Just as those doctors are entrusted on a daily basis with the lives of many patients, we are entrusted to accurately transcribe their work. We’ve also worked with industry leaders like Allstate Insurance, AIG Insurance, State Farm, Microsoft Corp., American Express Co., 3M, Lucent Technologies Inc., and more.

Our error rate is the lowest in the country. Your work will be accurately transcribed each and every time, in a timely manner. We offer many affordable pricing options, and you’ll always be assured a quality output when you work with us. We are able to receive audio from digital handheld devices such as PDAs or the Olympus series of handheld recorders.

You can combine affordability with professional and accurate results with Worldwide Dictation. As the industry leader in medical transcription services, we understand your need for accuracy and speed. For a review of the many offers available, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or at [email protected].

Worldwide Dictation is a proven second-generation leader in transcription services, the very first to offer digital dictation and medical transcription using the Internet. For a review of our services, contact us at 1-800-442-5993 or at [email protected].