Medical transcription is a working element in almost every medical practice. It makes sense for doctors to capture their notes regarding a patient’s treatment and diagnosis while the observations are still fresh. Dictation allows both doctors and nurses to provide complete and thorough medical care. In addition, the maintenance of patient records can be better organized if those records are transcribed.

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Because of the advantages of dictation and medical transcription, many medical groups make the wise decision to participate in medical transcription outsourcing. At Worldwide Dictation, we provide the same level of care with our transcriptions that you provide to your patients. We also offer a digital transcription service that allows for digital telephone dictations 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

There have been studies that medical transcription outsourcing actually brings in more patients and insurance reimbursement, adding to the bottom line of a practice. Doctors are able to treat more patients, thereby increasing the revenue from patient payments and insurance payments.

In addition, waiting times often decrease and patient satisfaction increases, as administrative personnel are able to spend more time with patients and less time transcribing notes. Medical transcription outsourcing is a key element of increased efficiency in a medical practice. Most importantly, doctors have more time to practice medicine. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].