Today, the image of a doctor jotting down notes in a patient’s chart has been replaced with a doctor entering those same notes in a mini laptop. Because of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (and the advances in digital technology), it will soon be mandatory for hospitals to digitize medical records so that can be accessed online. Though it may seem daunting and burdensome, there are several advantages to this shift from paper to electronic.

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One major advantage is that a doctor can access a patient’s history very quickly online. With the treatment history at their fingertips, the doctor can evaluate the situation rapidly without waiting for charts to be fetched. No longer will you have to be concerned with troublesome issues such as losing vital documents, mixing up patients’ information or having to confer with doctors about their less-than-perfect penmanship. When digital medical records have been recorded through a transcription company, patients can feel secure in the knowledge that the doctor’s notes are legible, accurate and secure.

Digital medical records also offer a higher level of efficiency in creating treatment plans. For example, if a test has already been conducted, there is less chance it will be unnecessarily repeated with easy-to-access digital records available. There is also a less margin of error for things like the names of prescription drugs as well as doctor and patient names. In the field of medicine and health care, it is imperative that trivial mistakes (which can and often do turn into huge mistakes) be avoided as much as possible. Always ahead of the curve, Worldwide Dictation was the first medical transcription company to offer digital dictation.

Many critics cite security as a concern; however, certain precautions can eliminate this potential problem. The key is working with a medical transcription company that has an ample understanding of technology and has implemented a secure and encrypted server. Worldwide Dictation uses the latest technology to secure all of the information uploaded to our server. We have provided medical and legal transcription services to high-profile institutions that deal with sensitive information in their daily course of business. Their trust in us to keep confidential information protected speaks volumes to the quality of our service and our dedication to security. Some of our clients include John Hopkins University and Lucent Technology, Inc. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].