Digital dictation and digital medical records have received a great deal of attention within the medical industry, especially with the recent changes to the Health Care laws of the United States. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are huge factors in this conversion from paper to electronic notes. As with any other development in a work setting, you will want to ensure a smooth transition. You will also want to avoid any potential pitfalls when implementing new methods and structural changes to comply with the changing environment. The best way to accomplish this is by obtaining the services of an experienced and well-regarded digital transcription service.

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Worldwide Dictation is one of the oldest and most trusted medical and legal transcription companies. We have been successfully serving the needs of the medical and legal community since our inception in 1964. Our family-run business was also the first transcription company to master digital transcription. Our service is simple: you send us your digital audio files through either our website or through our personalized software, and we send you a professionally typed document that is error-free has your own customized letterhead. Our digital transcription service is impeccable, and has vastly improved our business as we can now offer you better service with a higher-quality product.

One of the most cited concerns of healthcare providers is security. Every doctor’s greatest nightmare is the thought of a patient’s medical records becoming vulnerable to unauthorized individuals. Worldwide Dictation makes sure that only certain users can access documents online if they are transferred or stored electronically. We use a highly secure and encrypted server that is safe from any outside threat. We take this responsibility very seriously and ensure that your documents are free from any breach of your patients’ confidentiality. All of the information is password protected, thus allowing us to ensure privacy at all levels. This level of security has enabled us to garner the attention of some of the most highly-illustrious medical practices, because they know they can trust us with sensitive information and that we adhere to all HIPAA standards.

As a digital transcription service, we have served the transcription needs of such high profile clients as Oxford Medical Group, Pace University and Columbia University. We deliver accurate and secure digital transcription services to our clients. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].