The gathering of pertinent facts concerning any loss of personal property due to accidents, fires, and acts of nature is essential to any insurance claims process. Many adjusters have the tough job of contacting claimants, witnesses, and all other involved parties, obtaining statements from each person, and carefully examining the facts surrounding each individual case in hopes of ascertaining enough information to formulate a reasonable judgment. The dissemination of this information is crucial and the timeliness of the response is paramount.

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It is certainly plausible for an adjuster to transcribe a recorded statement without assistance. However, time is of the essence. The daily demands of claims adjusters afford minimal time for transcribing statements. Besides the poor use of time, the inaccuracies and errors ensued from a lack of training, hurrying, and exhaustion will without a doubt eventually lead to loss of productivity and yield a by-product of costly mistakes. At worldwide Dictation, our transcriptionists have at least 5 years of experience and have gone through extensive training, so it’s obvious to see why we have the lowest error-rate in the country. Putting your trust in us to type these important documents is a great business decision.

Worldwide Dictation offers several options for insurance companies and claims adjusters who desire solutions for their recorded statement transcription needs. Our highly-trained transcriptionists are fully-equipped to handle the difficult nuances of recorded statement transcription. Cross-talk between adjuster and claimant, difficult accents, and the occasional poor audio recording are challenges for which each of our transcriptionists is prepared. Moreover, we already work with premier Insurnace Companies such as All State Insurance. Companies can put their trust in a transcription company if they feel like they’re experienced, accruate and personable. Worldwide Dictation encompasses all those valuable qualities and has been since its inception in 1964.

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