No two legal cases are alike. Each case is fact specific and pertains to different areas of law. However, the merits of a case are ultimately determined by a mixture of fact and law, and recordings based on the facts of a case are crucial to a litigant’s success.

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The roles of a lawyer can range from preparing a simple letter to complex litigation. In either case, the lawyer would greatly benefit from a dictation and transcription service. Transcription allows for an organized and accurate outline of the facts on a case, which will ensure that all of the important details are not missed. Another beneficial aspect of these transcriptions is the integrity of the documents. Worldwide Dictation treats each document with the same precision and attention to detail, because we know that any errors, no matter how trivial, can lead to a lawyers’ downfall.

Even the slight variation of a fact can turn a case, which is why accuracy is crucial in the business of medical and legal transcription. In the case of litigation, an attorney will often record notes and thoughts about a case. This is considered attorney work product, and is protected from disclosure to the other side. At Worldwide Dictation, we ensure the confidentiality of your documents by using a secure website and an encrypted server. The documents online are password protected as well. For your convenience, we allow authorized users to download these documents directly from our website. So instead of waiting days on end for important documents to arrive in the mail, you can have them at your desktop with the click of a button and an internet connection.

However, if you prefer to have your documents mailed or faxed to you, you do have those other delivery options at your disposal. Whatever option you select, you can be sure that we will treat your documents with complete confidentiality. In addition, we can prepare dictated letters so that they are ready to send. We will work with your office to create a customized format and letterhead. Let us be an ally in your case. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].