Every day, in every hospital, there are hundreds of patients who walk through the door needing treatment. Likewise, every day, in every courtroom, there are clients with complex litigation and fact patterns. In both of these situations, it is not just the well being of the client or patient is at stake, but also at stake are all the detailed notes, facts, treatments, and analysis.

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The correct recording of this information is tantamount to the ultimate success of the client. Professionals in both the legal and medical communities rely on transcription services to protect the integrity of the documents they need for patients, cases and for a variety of other reasons. They understand that hiring a highly-regarded transcription service makes for better quality documents, less mistakes and a quicker turn-around time than relying on office administration. Best of all, we can customize a format for your particular documents, and work with your staff in developing a template. Worldwide Dictation provides several transcription options, depending on your particular needs. Whether it’s by fax, mail or a safe and secure download off our website, we give you a wide array of options to get your documents delivered to you.

Worldwide Dictation has been in business since 1964, and since then we have earned the trust of high-profile doctors and lawyers as well as smaller practices. Essentially, we are an integral part of the practice and because of this, we strive for absolute excellence and pride ourselves in fast, accurate transcripts. Each staff member is a highly trained transcriptionist with at least five years of relevant experience, and they are routinely tested for quality control. Our transcriptionists are also in charge of editing your documents as well. We feel that it never hurts to put a second set of eyes on your documents and that this is a contributing factor to our extremely low error-rate.

In addition to our transcription services, we have also developed hardware and software solutions for your office. Our affiliate, Worldwide Communications, can provide web hosting and maintenance to better streamline your workflow and productivity. Our friendly and helpful customer service is available to assist with questions or document formatting concerns you might have. We provide a level of excellence on all levels. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].