Back in 1964, Herbert Ofner began his very own medical transcription service. He was keenly aware of the benefits of dictation to both doctors and patients. They each benefit from this efficient and effective way of recording patient history, symptoms, notes, and treatment. Back in 1964, doctors would use audio tapes to record their notes, and then Herbert would pick up the tapes and assign each of them to a transcriptionist in his office.

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The documents were then accurately transcribed with the use of a typewriter and headphones. Herbert would then drop off the letter-ready documents to the grateful doctors and repeat the same cycle the next day. This business platform led Worldwide Dictation to become a trusted leader in medical transcription services, and is one of the main reasons that we are still thriving in the industry to this day.

The process today is similar in that accuracy and timeliness are still mandatory at Worldwide Dictation. The process of dictation and transcription is much more streamlined, however, with the development of digital technology and online access. Of course, this has not stopped the team of medical transcriptionists at Worldwide Dictation from delivering letter-ready documents in a timely manner. If anything, this new technology has allowed us to operate in a much more expeditious manner than when Herbert started the business in 1964.

Although audio tapes are not used as often as digital or phone recorders, Worldwide Dictation is still a tape transcribing service. To preserve the highest level of quality of accuracy and quality, the tapes are transferred to a digital format, and then transcribed. You then have the option of getting your documents delivered by mail, fax, or online. We still strive to maintain the same level of excellence embodied by Herbert when he began this company so many years ago.